No fishing license is required on our fishery

fish ponds

The wealth of fish feeding in the ponds in Jezierzyce will provide every angler with the expected thrill of a successful fishing. In the silence of a nearby forest you can wait for suuuuuch a fish. 

It is difficult to give guarantees in matters as difficult to predict as a successful bite, but in Jezierzyce the fishing line hooks are not empty. Well... unless someone is extremely unlucky. Then you can go for mushrooms or relax in the shade of an old oak.
barbecue, grill, charcoal


We can handle this as well. Ribs, pork neck, bacon, chicken breasts and whatever you can imagine on the grill. Remember to bring coal, firelighters and these delicacies. 

Fresh air, evenly cut grass and a grill are ready. A stone smokehouse is also available.

stone smokehouse

After successful fishing, fish should be smoked immediately. There is no better dinner than freshly smoked fish. It's an unforgettable taste that stays on the palate forever. On the other hand, the smell of smoke coming out of the smokehouse turns up in the nose long after the ice sacks layers and the snow covers the Jezierzyckie meadows.

barbecue, barbeque, bbq

Fishery regulations

As in the area of every facility, we are obliged to comply with the set rules. In order to ensure the highest quality of services, please follow them:

  1. Payments are made in advance for the whole day or per night.
  2. Wejście na łowisko jest od godziny 6.00 do zmroku, nie później niż do 21.00.
  3. Fish after unhooking should be disinfected with a special preparation.
  4. Barbless or barbered hooks, carp mats (can be rented).
  5. It is forbidden to keep fish in carp nets or bags if you do not want to buy them.
  6. After catching the fish, we release it as soon as possible, or immediately go to the weighing service to buy.
  7. It is forbidden to take fish under the gills and take standing photos with it.
  8. The fishery owner is not responsible for items and equipment left unattended.
  9. It is forbidden to play loud music, shouting and vulgar behavior.
  10. Parents staying with their children in the fishery, please watch over their children, the owner of the fishery is not responsible for random accidents.
  11. It is forbidden to destroy greenery, climb trees and break them.
  12. There is an absolute ban on swimming in the fishery.
  13. The theft of fish is prohibited under rigor of calling the police.
  14. People with dogs are required to clean up after their pets.
  15. Psy muszą być trzymane na smyczy
  16. We do not let unsober persons in.
  17. Persons who violate the regulations will be asked to leave the fishery, without a refund.
  18. Please note that the facility is monitored and has 24/7 security company supervision.

Admission to the fishery is tantamount to accepting the regulations.